Sharkday is a daily lucky draw where you can pick giveaways you like to win.
You win money by being one of lucky daily winners
Yes. The more entries you get, the higher chances your entries will be selected.
You can redeem your money via Amazon, Skrill, PayTM and many other gift cards. Redeem here: https://www.sharkday.com/prizes
We ONLY allow one account per person.
Watch and listen to the video. The category is there to make sure you actually watch the video.
You have to earn coins by watching videos and then bet those coins to get entries.
Coins per giveaway keeps increasing by 1 coin for every giveaway per hour and becomes consistent after 17 hours.
You can unlock all giveaways by inviting 3 referrals who gets 1 entry each.
If you have any questions, please email us on support@baymack.com OR message us on https://www.facebook.com/baymackgame.